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About Us

Megamind is the first Saudi Arabian IT Solutions Organization, that has the most energetic and enthusiastic team for securing and providing World Class Information Technology Business Management Solutions, Services and Consultancies, thus continuously adding value to Our Clients. Megamind was established with the philosophy that Every Business Decision is based on “Information Technology”. Megamind explains the future of IT solutions as Innovative, Customized, Flexible and Customer-focused. Megamind is looking forward to a long-term partnership with its clients and vendors following the approach of keeping integrity, developing our competencies, adding exceeding values to our client’s businesses to an extent of customer delight.

Megamind enjoys excellent relationships with their clients and treats them as a reference client for years and decades. We have partnered with world’s leading IT Companies to imagine, design and engineer business solutions and customer expectations.  We are in the era of unprecedented transformation in every business. We Megamind, work closely with its clients and strengthen their businesses by providing world best new technology in the world, services and ideas for their improved outcomes, cost control, efficiencies and improved quality. We have developed essential network that will make businesses more intelligent, create smarter solutions for enhancing accessibility, controlling cost by reducing waste and managing people and information for proficiency.


Reducing resources required and increasing efficiency by automating complex business processes through innovative solutions. Encouraging paperless environment and promoting digitalization.


To become a regional benchmarked leader of IT Solutions and Consultancy.


To provide research based, top-notch IT solutions and services. We believe Innovative IT Solutions leads toward excellence in services and quality improvement which pave way for business growth.

Quality by Passion and Care

“Working Relationship Theme”

We in Megamind promoting a culture that emphasizes the importance of acquiring Excellent and Innovative Future IT Solutions for Organizational Proficiency and Cost Management.

We not only work for you but we promise to Deliver Quality Solutions by Passion and Care, a concept that is explicit through our integrity based highly ethical decisions, persistent commitment and enthusiastic gestures.

Our Values

Passion for Work

Passion for Work

Megamind believes that success is achieved only when you love what you do that is strong desire to succeed. Our employees are creating great values for our clients and provide them what makes them delightful. The meaning of Love and Care for your work is clearly observable in our deliverable.

Respect for All

Respect for All

Megamind is a promoter of mutual respect as we believe it is the key for bring people closer and establishing a team. At Megamind an environment is emphasized to earn Respect by showing consideration for others, recognizing others’ point of view in conflicts, understanding customer needs and meet them accordingly and finally treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Answerable to Customers

Answerable to Customers

Megamind success is based on transparency and accountability, which is observable by making the organization Answerable to both internal and external customer. Megamind achieved this only by making the process of identifying the clear expectation, knowing clear capabilities and skills match of staff, clear monitoring and measurement indicators and tools, continuous open and ongoing feedback system and finally the most important importantly recognition of consequences.

Improvement by Research

Improvement by Research

Megamind strongly realizes the fact that research is key to identification of quality and the advance internationally recognized IT solutions in the market. Megamind acquire services of internationally recognized research firms Gartner and other reputed organizations in order to utilize their most advance research methodologies for short listing the best IT solutions in the global market. This gives us an edge over the other IT solution providers available in the region.

Simplicity is ensured and Complexity avoid

Simplicity is ensured and Complexity avoid

Megamind comprises covering excellence of design, innovative solutions and services. Megamind is a name of complete package of excellence of design from the creation of product and services to experience of our customer. We Megamind, are committed and iterate persistently for not less than customer delight.

Empower Individuals

Empower Individuals

Megamind believes in power of the individuals to generate and create new product and services, therefore ensuring an environment that encourages free and open communication and idea sharing. Individuals are involved in decision making to create extraordinary deliverable that not only make our customer feel satisfied but also delightful. Megamind is ensuring empowerment as a tool of engagement for employees and customers.

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